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08/27/2015 1:30 AM

PlagiarismChecker.US is one of the best and free plagiarism checker in the world. Not only Plagiarism Checker we are providing other facilities in our blog. The most amazing things are:

Free To Use: There are too many websites for plagiarism checking but most of them are premium. You can get free but their service are not acceptable. Most of the students and other bloggers can't get a satisfied result by using free plagiarism checker. But for new blogger and students it's not so easy to use premium plagiarism checker every time. So after a long research we have got an idea. We are providing the same service as other popular plagiarism checkers are providing. But the most wonderful thing is that we don't require any payment. It's fully free for all. So save your money, enjoy the tool and share with others,
Responsive Design: Our website is 100% responsive. Google just said in their latest search algorithm update that, no website can't rank in search result in mobile device if the website is not responsive. So we added the most important feature in our website. Google announced that because now people love to use small device instead of using laptop or computer. We are always sincere about your comforts. So we made the website responsive in order to make it useful for every small device user. No matter what is the size of your device, our website will automatically be resized in your device.
Exceptional API: Unlike other website we didn't use only one free api. We can feel how important a unique content is for a blogger or an article to a student. Other free websites provides only simple result because they don't have any extra ordinary system to show you the perfect result. But in PlagiarismChecker.US we have added a tremendous option. Anyone can select the search option to check plagiarism rate. We  have added 2 most poplar search engine Google and Bing. We added another great option which is called "Special". Our special option enables you to get a super result for your content. Our special and custom api can scan your whole content in many search engines within few seconds. To make it easier we have added FAQ page. You can use all the options fully free.
Privacy Policy: Security is one of the most important things for a website. Many website are getting hacked everyday. So it's really very hard to say that your information's are safe in a website. There are many websites whose are collecting your information and selling them to third party websites. After few days you start to get spam emails, which is so unbearable. We already said that we always cares about your comfort. So for make our website more easier we didn't add Sign Up, Login or Subscribe options. You can use our website anonymously. There is no risk to lose your information or to get anything spam. You are fully safe and free to use our website. But one thing you should keep in mind we have trackers and your IP will be in our analytics. So don't try to do anything spam in our website.If you face any problem Contact Us as soon as possible. Learn more about Privacy Policy