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08/26/2015 12:00 AM

Plagiarism Checker is an open source website. Anyone can use it for various purposes. This website is not only blogger or content writer. Starting from a student, article writer, blogger, professor and others anyone can use it for free. Plagiarism Checker was build for helping people whose are suffering  for plagiarism. There are many people hiring content writer to write their article. Content writers are simply copying and pasting the content. Google started to give penalty to plagiarized website. So to stop that we have created the website.
We added total 3 powerful API. By using our Google search option you can get the plagiarism rate from Google. Google indexed most of the web pages and indexing millions of WebPages everyday . So it's a great for you to see how much unique your contents are. If you select Bing search option then our powerful tool will scan your content on Bing indexed pages. A lot of people are using being to get faster rank of their website. So we think it's also a great options. We are using powerful server based on US to ensure the flexibility of the website.
Many people ask us "What is Special search option?" . We already explained about that in our FAQ page. Our "Special" search option is totally unique and made specially by us. It's an exceptional API. If you select this search option then you will see totally different result. It works in random way. This powerful API works like a super spider. It scans your whole document and search it one search engine. It don't search only on Google and only on Bing. It use the random source to get the result. Of course it use Google and Bing both. This option ensure you about the perfect plagiarism rate if you are not satisfied with Google and Bing.
We have powerful a great team to maintain this website. Our team members are from USA, India, Bangladesh and others. We are always sincere about your interest of using Plagiarism Checker. We are making update with your needs. Till now only this website is unique. Only we are using special API. We are providing the service for free but you can't get this service for free in anywhere else. We don't require any memberships, subscribe or sign up. So you are fully secure from losing any information. We prefer the visitors thought. So if you have any suggestion, complain or anything else about to improve our website feel free to send your thought via Contact Form