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Top SEO mistakes that could down your ranking

09/11/2015 3:30 PM by Ahmad in Seo-tips

Every blogger aims to work on its website’s SEO metrics for concentrating huge online traffic towards its posts. We all want to achieve that target of being shown on the very first page of search engine as the ultimate results which people wish to see. So, if you have been striving to improve your SEO for many months or years, but have not received those expected results yet, chances are high that you must be making at least any of these following SEO mistakes:

Neglecting the use of Analytics

Drawing huge amounts of traffic towards your website is not the only factor which is related to SEO. However, it’s more about conversion. You must have tried sticking to those so- called enriched keywords that generated superb traffic to your website. But it is not a hard and fast rule that the keywords that bring huge traffic will improve your rankings in the search engines as well. As an alternative, you should rely on an efficacious Analytics package for building conversion tracking for keyword phrases. Further, they can be differentiated to know about the ones that generate the best outputs.

Not focusing on Local Search

If your business or blog lays emphasis on catering to the needs and requirements of a specific location, it’s the right reason to know about local search. Don’t resist using location- enabled keywords in your meta descriptions and webpage titles. Enlisting yourself on already established regional sites will be considered to be the right move in this case.

Not choosing optimum keywords

Selecting appropriate keywords for your SEO is one of the crucial decisions that affect your ranking directly. If you are not using the keywords that people are searching for, the ball is never going to fall in your court. However, if you have made it right in the first go, you should try retaining that position in the long- run by bringing innovations to your respective strategy.

Not using distinctive title tags

Having a common title tag for the entire website is what is unfavorable for your SEO purposes. It is highly recommended to get a competitive and distinct for almost every web page. If somebody likes one of your web posts and wants to bookmark it for saving his time, these distinctive title tags will play a major role.

Ignoring highly unique meta descriptions

Most of the bloggers resist using unique meta descriptions for their website. This is where they lack in, even if they are following other SEO rules religiously. These customized descriptions are mostly of 150 characters and direct readers to click on the listings provided on the search engine.

Applying similar anchor text for every link

Along with making the above stated blunders, bloggers don’t hesitate in using the same anchor link for almost every page. It leaves the visitors with a mere impression that you are trying to trick them. To avoid this, keep on bringing variations in the name of company and phrases involved, along with using different anchor links from time to time.

These SEO mistakes if avoided proprly, can certainly bring awestruck results for your entire website. Don't forget to read How to write SEO friendly content