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Top SEO Tips For Bing

09/19/2015 12:00 PM by Ahmad in Seo-tips

We all know it well that Google is the most preferred search engine by SEO experts. However, due to cut throat competition in the e- commerce industry, the importance of Bing is increasing day by day. It is devising strategies to capture huge market share. Before it gets too late, bloggers should emphasize on creating SEO friendly methods for this equally important search engine. Some of the amazing SEO tips for Bing that will guide you in building huge traffic for your website are mentioned as follows:

1. Ownership of Content

Being partnered with Klout, Bing has developed its authorship guidelines in its own style. It gives an authority to the owner to have a command over the content that ultimately helps in improvement of website’s rankings.

2. Backlinks

The concept of Backlinks is quite old yet successful. Bing mostly focuses on the links that are a part of highly reputed domain names. In addition to this, they don’t resist considering the link that are included in the body text.

3. Click through Rate

For the purpose of ascertaining the effectiveness of a website, Bing will take into consideration the Click Though Rate mechanism from various search engines.

4. Bing Webmaster Tool

It is never a bad idea to stay connected on social media platforms for taking your rankings to the new heights. With the help of Bing Webmaster Tool, the site owners get the sole authority of using these social pages.

5. Flash

One of the major competitive advantages of Bing over Google is that Bing manages crawling flash websites, which the later doesn’t. This flash facility offers awesome benefits to the websites that consider using it.

6. Optimum use of H1 tag

Bing suggests its owners to use H1 tag only once in a single page. However, H2 or H3 tags can be merged with the other sub- components. Over- utilization of HTML heading is never recommended by Bing experts.

7. Optimize for local SEO keywords with regional ones

If you are targeting a local market, it is crucial to use such geographical keywords that draw attention towards that desired place as well. Such keywords should be used almost everywhere i.e. in the content, meta- title and meta- descriptions.

8. Rule of Keyword Density

Unlike Google, Bing doesn’t heed much attention to the extent of specific keywords used in the content. However, it is very important to know that while using Bing, every keyword should be focused on separately. Even if it is required to use a single keyword at a time, don’t shy away from doing it.

9. Load Speed

A website that loads in a steady manner is mostly loved by every user. The instant response will enable them visit your site again and again. Bing will recommend only those sites which are reliable and speedy at the same time.

Along with the above mentioned SEO tips, playing wise with the site structure, page authority, choosing a favorable domain, retaining the current URL, publishing fresh content etc. is going to pay you and your website in the long- run. But make sure your content doesn't bear any plagiarism. Learn more : Why Plagiarism Should Be Avoided