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A Perfect Guide for selecting the best SEO Keywords

08/31/2015 10:00 PM by Shahed in Seo-tips

In the blogging business, we always feel fickle- minded regarding ‘What to write’? It won’t make any sense if you are spending lots of hours on writing something that won’t interest your prospective and current readers. This phenomenon is quite commonly seen in the ‘Beginners’ phase of blogging. Searching for exciting SEO keywords is what you need to do every day for getting a higher rank in various search engines. Some of the unexplored tips for choosing the best SEO keywords are stated as follows:

Search Analytics

Once you have registered yourself on Google Search Console, analyze carefully the Search Analytics (beta) characteristic on its dashboard. It will provide information about the clicks, keywords and the rank secured by your site for almost every keyword in the Google search results.

Now, tap on ‘Search analytics’ that will be shown right under ‘Search Traffic’. The next step involves selecting CTR and impressions, filter and see how well the results are. Download data and send it to Google Sheets and new SEO keywords will be developed after making proper review and analysis.

As a result, the whole data will be classified on the basis of impressions. Nearly, 65% of the resultant keywords can be neglected because of having less than average impression counts. By following this way, the SEO keywords ranging from the highest to the lowest CTRs will be organized in the sheet. With the generation of keywords having strong CTRs and impressions, it becomes convenient to know what the blog post/ topic should revolve around. Generally, results with at least 50 impression counts and CTRs are the actual SEO keywords which can manage bringing at least decent traffic to your blog.

Start searching for SEO keywords

When you are making a search for the recently used keywords on Google, you will be amazed to know that some of the keywords already relate to your published blog posts, while there may be some keywords which fail to establish any direct link with your blog.

There are cases when readers end opening up your post because of the presence of the SEO keyword they were searching for. However, it can be possible even if your article is completely opposite of what readers are expecting to read because of that ‘keyword’ usage. Now, it will instantly click your minds that if appropriate SEO keywords are used which compliment the entire article well, the probability of getting higher clicks and views will certainly increase.

Keywords which have been used less before

When you are discovering new SEO keywords for your website, make sure to view the ones which are rarely used by the bloggers. Most of the times, these keywords give way to the creation of a unique article which people were dying to read about from so long.

Once these simple techniques are understood and executed professionally, there is almost nobody that can stop you from writing brilliantly. A well conducted research of SEO keywords is the ultimate gateway to improve the scoring and popularity of your blog.