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4 Ways to Sabotage Your Website’s SEO

11/16/2015 8:00 PM by Shahed in Seo-tips

Being a beginner or a highly established webmaster, we desperately look for the measures that require less efforts and costs at some point of time. These tactics may seem to be pretty lucrative in the short- run. But when it comes to talking about its long- term impacts, it is merely going to deteriorate your website rankings. Here are some of the ways that are highly sabotaging your website SEO:

Link- Buying Tactic

One of the unauthenticated strategies of spoiling your website SEO includes buying backlinks. It is always a great idea to establish links efficaciously between your website and the other site that deals in the same niche as yours. However, switching to direct buying of links can hurt your ranking in various search engines including Google and Bing. Making links in a decent manner needs to be preferred over this unfair practice of purchasing backlinks, if you are concerned with your website SEO.

Over Utilization of Keywords

Keywords are a prime source of being shown in the top results of search engines. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to use keywords in such a manner that your entire web page talks only about the keywords and not the matter that readers were willing to know about. Following the practice named Keyword Stuffing in a single article, will ultimately leave your audience with frustration and annoyance. It is advised to lay emphasis on keywords as well as content while formulating your website SEO plans.

Deficient Content

Once you have worked on your keywords, the next step involves developing superior quality content for your website. Poor quality content is always going to affect your online rankings and traffic badly. The first- time visitors will return to your website if they find your content informative and interesting. To keep your readers’ eyes glued to the screens, you have to work highly on improving your writing skills. Along with refining your writing style, you must use original and unique content for tweaking your website SEO.

Unavailable on Mobile Platform

We all are aware of the fact that the quantum of mobile users is multiplying almost every day. For letting your presence felt on the mobile phones, you only need to build a user- friendly mobile site that is easily accessible by the users. As per Google, the websites that are trending on mobile phones rank better in search engines. After being done with your setting up your mobile site, you must emphasize on its load speed, visibility, clarity of images & videos etc. After all, who would like to wait for hours for getting your web page downloaded? Who would be keen to increase and decrease the size of your site’s images every now and then. So, if you are not on your users’ smart phones till now, take this ‘Going Mobile’ initiative smartly.

By analyzing what is damaging your website SEO currently, you can convert your website’s unfortunate rankings to favorable results in the search engines. No matter how other SEO factors affect your website’s performance, don’t neglect prioritizing on excellent quality content, building honest backlinks, constructing a mobile site and using keywords in an optimal manner.