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Why Plagiarism Should Be Avoided

09/14/2015 9:30 PM by Shahed in Seo-tips

Behind every successful blog, there is a right kind of SEO strategy followed. In order to achieve higher rankings in search engines, using unique content is of utmost importance. But the presence of people using plagiarized content for promoting their websites can be seen normally nowadays. Any site having non- unique content is supposed to face steady decline in the aspect related to SEO. Plagiarism effects SEO in many ways directly and indirectly which are mentioned as follows:

1. People can have authority over your original content

There may be cases when an already published but yet to indexed post is stolen by another person. He can take the benefit of getting the content indexed on his website first. Because of this witty move, he’ll become the master of that content, even if it was the result of your own thoughts and efforts. As a result, even the search engines will consider the plagiarized content as original content and vice- versa.

2. Plagiarizers can beat the original source

In the light of Black Hat SEO tactics, plagiarizers are completely comfortable in copying your content from your site and publishing it somewhere else, in lieu of attracting huge amounts of traffic. Further, they focus on your primary keywords for achieving that topmost rank in Google search results.

3. Content Thieves can force Internet Service Providers to remove your content

Even if you possess the supreme authority over original content, the plagiarizers can build pressure on the ISPs and host companies to abolish the content due to some issues. He may declare that his ‘plagiarized’ content is original, and you are the ultimate thief who has copied his so called unique work. As a result, these service providers don’t think twice before taking that content off from the internet.

4. Monetization of the stolen content

It is the quality of plagiarizers to steal the original content, make money out of it and invest the surplus amount in other illegal activities of stealing content from the same or different websites. What can be worse than the situation if a person is earning money out of your hard work and reaping profits which actually belonged to you.

5. Reduce the competitiveness in the market

In every field, it is the originality that matters the most. Most of the big organizations rely on freelance content writers and the newbies for producing efficacious content for their clients. In some cases, what they do is just copy the content from some reputed site and paste it on your blog, therefore damaging your website’s reputation immediately. This approach is strictly prohibited by Google. In order to ensure, only authenticated content is being published on your site, you can take help of Plagiarism Checker Tool available free of cost.

If you are publishing duplicate content on your own website, it is advised by Google to make use of canonical links for reducing the related issues. If internal links are maintained in a consistent manner, the scope of duplication problems will conveniently be handled.

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