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How to measure SEO improvements

09/03/2015 1:00 PM by Shahed in Seo-tips

Being prime- time bloggers, we all know how crucial SEO content is for achieving higher ranks in Google search engines. But even after making huge modifications in your content elements, we are actually unable to ascertain if it has worked favorable for your webpage. Even if we find out that things are going in our favor, we find it troublesome to measure the extent of those SEO improvements. The below mentioned tips will provide you lots of information regarding the calculation of these improvements.

Selecting an SEO Analytics Program

An SEO Analytics Program plays a vital role in recording and analyzing information for knowing how efficaciously your SEO promotions are being carried out. One of the easy- to- use SEO analytics programs involves the name of ‘Google Analytics’. Its amazing features including keyword ranking, traffic, page indexing and link- backs will ensure that your SEO improvements are measured in an effortless yet précised manner. Further, this program will tell you about the most loved page of your site, which visitors visit the most.

Keeping a track record on timely basis

In order to have an accurate record of your SEO improvements, it is necessary to have a calendar by your side. Keep a track record of the changes on weekly, monthly or annual basis. Once the fluctuating trends in your SEO improvements are identified, it will be easier for you to know about the phases when your SEO content was a big hit.

Keyword phrases used most by readers

You must have an idea regarding the quantum of keywords used by readers in the search engines, for ultimately visiting your webpage. With improvement in the content quality, you will increase your chances of attracting huge traffic to your blogs.

Creating link backs

Link backs are the links which are displayed on the other reputed websites for promotion purposes. If a visitor sees a link back to your site on Facebook, it will create a positive impact on him and he won’t mind being redirected to your webpage. If your link backs are gaining popularity on various pages, it’s time to celebrate. It clearly states that your SEO improvements are working just your way.

Making a perfect combination of SEO strategies

Every blog has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is not mandatory what improved one’s rank in SEO will work for you as well.  In order to improve your SEO updates, you can work on creating back links, producing superior quality content etc. Even if you are open to experiment by combining various factors, it is advised to go ahead and do something out of the box to create some impressive SEO improvements.

These methods can be easily followed once you are well versed with the basics of Search Engine Optimization Tools. SEO plays a great role in improving the competitive position among your online rivals. With a view to make your blogs/ business a great success, start considering these metrics without thinking much.