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How to approve Google adsense for youtube step by step

09/05/2015 9:30 PM by Ahmad in Google

It is quite common among bloggers to earn lucrative amounts of money by including various reputed ads on their own websites. It has been found that no other network pays you better than Adsense. However, you’ve to dedicate a lot of time and efforts even if you want to earn while sitting at home. Google Adsense has issued stringent rules and regulations in order to ensure that only genuine and enriched content is published online. If your content appears to be plagiarized or contains some useless information, your chances of getting approval from Google Adsense will gradually decrease. By following these below mentioned steps, you can make a certain way to receive Google Adsense approval:

  1. Register yourself as a new gmail account holder. Now, use this ID for signing in to Youtube account. Once you have logged in, click on ‘Video Manager’ being displayed on the right side of the page.
  2. The next step involves clicking ‘Channel Setting’ for enabling ‘Monetization’ option. After click ‘Enable’ and accepting the given terms and conditions, you will be notified about the activation of Account Monetization feature.
  3. Once this facility has been activated, feel free to upload an interesting video with meaningful content on Youtube. Make sure that the video is followed by accurate headings and tags before publishing it online.
  4. Don’t forget enabling ‘Monetize with Ads’ that will be shown under ‘Monetize my Videos’ feature. Verify the current status of your account and take a step forward to access your Google account by merely signing in.
  5. Once you have signed in, fill up your password details and proceed. Now, a form will appear on your laptop/ computer screen where you’ll be asked to
  • Select your Google Account
  • Tell them about the content
  • Submit your Adsense Application

After providing this basic information about yourself and the nature of content you want to upload, submit your application. While filling up the form, you must only emphasize on providing authenticated information about yourself. The more authenticated your information, the more chances of getting approved from Google Adsense.

    6. Now, you have to be calm and composed for at least 2 hours after finally lodging the form. Thereafter, you will be getting the zealous news of getting approved from Google Adsense and posting ads on your blog.

The process of getting approval from Google Adsense completes here, but you’ll have to perform some duties for driving traffic to your webpage after being approved. It involves signing in to your Google Adsense account, provide email ID of your blog and click ‘Invite’. Now, approve the sent invitation by going to your blog email ID. Voila! You’ll be given the authority to place ads on your blog page. However, to carry out this entire mechanism of receiving Google Adsense approval, you must resist publishing content that is too small and focus more on the quality of the content. Even an interesting topic with poor grammar would negative affect the goodwill of your blog in the eyes of readers and Google Adsense.