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Common Instances of Using the Plagiarism Checker Tool

Plagiarism – An act of stealing or copying someone else’s work, ideas or inventions without crediting the source. According to US law, someone’s expression of original ideas or work is considered as his intellectual property and is protected by copyright laws. Copyright law means that the owner has the special right to adapt, reproduce or distribute his...
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Plagiarism Checker: A Treasured Tool for eLearning Organizers

The internet has provided us with the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere and to get a treasure of information without moving out of our homes. While this has proved to be a bang for the eLearning industry, it has also made it quite easy for the beginners to steal the content that they come across online. As a consequence, the online tutors and eLearning organizers often get back to...
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Why to Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Stealing content or Plagiarism is often observed as an illegal act in both academic and professional domains. Unluckily, people with authentic objectives frequently wind up replicating and pasting unintentionally. They create their own articles and academic papers and draw mentions from other sources but habitually overlook quoting the sources appropriately....
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How Dependable Is a Free Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker is a software application that is exclusively planned to make sure that a written work being put out on the web is unique and has not been derived from another written article that already exists on the internet. Though a duplicate content checker is not at all times essential but we usually come across times when this is the only way to conclude without a...
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How to Make Use of the Plagiarism Checker

Growing cases of plagiarism have been responsible for the growing popularity of free plagiarism checker that are available online. No one likes his or her content to be derived from somebody else’s copy. Furthermore, the trainers from institutes and colleges judge the performances of the students stealing and pasting passages from the internet to finish their...
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4 Ways to Sabotage Your Website’s  SEO

Being a beginner or a highly established webmaster, we desperately look for the measures that require less efforts and costs at some point of time. These tactics may seem to be pretty lucrative in the short- run. But when it comes to talking about its long- term impacts, it is merely going to deteriorate your website rankings. Here are some of the ways that are highly sabotaging your...
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All About Google Panda 4.2

Things you need to know about Google Panda 4.2 Google Panda 4.2 is considered to be 28th version of search algorithms updated by Google. Its first update was coined in February, 2011 that affected almost 11.8% queries of English language. However, this latest update is believed to roll out very slowly over a phase of several months. This slow update will further prevent to identify...
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