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Plagiarism Detector Tool

Plagiarism Detector Tool

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"Article/Content" section allows to check your draft contents plagiarism rate. If you have already written your content or article but didn't post, then it's the best way to check it before posting. You can upload your draft article in various format and check that. Like other options in this one you can select your search api. There is no limitations of number to use. Sometimes we take information from online and make a draft copy of content about any subject. But we almost forget that many writer did that before us. So their content and my content can be same. So if they post the content before me Google will count mine as plagiarized. So it's great to check plagiarized rate by using our

plagiarism detector tool.

If you see that our plagiarism checker tool says that your content is plagiarized content, then try to use synonyms in your every sentence. If you can rewrite the whole content. It sounds weird, because it will take a lot of time. But if you want to get rank your website or post then you should. Only unique content can ensure you about your website rank. Google has taken steps to show only perfect content to visitors. If they can detect your content as plagiarism, they will simply kick your content link out and your website rank will get a big drop. You can suffer a lot for this. I heard many popular website dropped because of having plagiarized content. So as a blogger you will never want to get down your website. Try to make sure your content is at least 80% unique. To ensure that simply use any versions of our

plagiarism checker tool.