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Plagiarism Detector Tool

Plagiarism Detector Tool

Plagiarism Checker

is a free SEO tool for checking plagiarism rate online. For using this SEO tool you don't need any membership, subscriptions or any registration. Anyone can use this tool for free. This free SEO tool can help you to get rid from duplicate content. Google has updated their algorithms to make sure only quality contents of a website will rank. Almost all search engines love unique content. After updating Google panda penguin Google started to kick out the plagiarized content. Only if your website bears unique content then no matter the age of your website. Search engine will rank your website.

A lot of bloggers are hiring content writer to make sure the content is unique. But sorry to say most of them are getting cheat.

Free plagiarism detector
tool is not so well to make you ensure that the result is perfect. There are few perfect plagiarism detector online, but they require membership or monthly package. As a new blogger or as a student for checking essay it's not affordable. People love to get the best result for free. So our free

plagiarism checker tool

can ensure you about this. We are using exceptional features to make our

plagiarism checker

more powerful.

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Plagiarism Checker

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Is copying Illegal?

Google is so much strict about the duplicate content that it has updated its algorithms with latest updates and wants to make sure that only high quality content is ranked higher and appreciated. Hence, if you are planning to launch a website for e-commerce or blogging purposes then you need to make sure that original, genuine and unique content is posted. A slight deviation from this can cost you heavy and may result into website being penalized by the Google.

We have designed this special tool after thorough research and have made sure that latest updates are incorporated so that best and excellent results can be achieved. Apart from quality results, our main focus is to make sure that error-free process is offered so that instant results are achieved.

How to use our plagiarism checker tool?
  • Step 1- There are two ways with which you can input the content that you want to be checked. The first way is to select and attach the file which contains content. We support .doc, .docx, .pdf and .txt format.
  • Step 2- Once the file is selected the next step is to verify the image through image verification process.
  • Step 3- Now; select the search engine for which you want to check the content. Currently, we support major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Step 4- Now, press check now and within few seconds you will see the results being displayed on your screen. The entire process is simple and easy and we have made sure that instant results are displayed so that you are able to save your precious time.

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